Welcome to ATS – Alpharetta Tamil School.
ATS is a Non-Profit School for teaching Tamil, run by a team of volunteers.
ATS is affiliated to Greater Atlanta Tamil Sangam (GATS) and is following the syllabus by International Tamil Academy(ITA).
Our school’s goal is to

  • Enable children to speak fluently in Tamil
  • Help children to read and write well in Tamil
  • Ensure that our Tamil language and Tamil culture pass on to successive generations
  • Learn Tamil culture along with the language

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Latest News

ATS Pongal Celebrations 1/13/2019

Welcome you all to ATS Pongal Celebrations this Sunday 1/13/2019 at the Gym.

Dear Parents,

We wish you all a very Happy Pongal!

 Here comes our long-awaited Pongal cultural program at ATS. 

Once a year we bring this program to entertain and to educate our students about Pongal and our Tamil culture.  It also provides an opportunity to bring out many talents of our students and parents.  This year we are excited to bring the event with the theme of  “தமிழர் நிலத்திணைகள்”. 

 As always our students, parents, choreographers and our cultural team are working hard with great enthusiasm. I invite you all to come with your family and enjoy the program.  Please have a conversation with your children on Pongal, our land, where you are from, what type of landmass you have in your native place and if someone lives in a different land area and what do they do.  This will help our children to relate the event well and enjoy the program better. 

ATS Pongal Celebration:

When: Sunday, January 13 2019 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 
Theme:  தமிழர் நிலத்திணைகள்   

ஐந்திணை – குறிஞ்சி , முல்லை, மருதம்,  நெய்தல், பாலை

What do you need to do?

1.     Come at 9:15 a.m. and go directly to gym with your child. Seating at the gym is open and choose to sit where ever you like with your child. Please note the performance will be on the gym floor covering the entire area. Please assemble before 9:30 a.m. so that we will be able to start the program on time. 

2.     Please make sure to keep your child with you for the entire duration of the program as safety is more important. Seating is limited so come early to get the best seating.  Also, we request you to limit the invite to your immediate family members only.

3.     Once the program is started, please stay in your seat until the program ends.

4.     Please be quite during the program and minimize the social conversation with your friends to respect others enjoyment. 

5.     We request you to take the pictures from where you are seated and do not come forward to take pictures or video during the program. 

6.     Please note we have arranged professional photographers. So sit back, relax and enjoy the program.

7.     For our students’ enjoyment, every student will get a sugarcane billet at the end of the program.


As parking is limited, please follow the routine.  Do not block the traffic flow, You can use both front and back parking lot of Shiloh Point elementary School and PGMS school parking. 


Sundari Kumar


Alpharetta Tamil School

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