Welcome to ATS – Alpharetta Tamil School.
ATS is a Non-Profit School for teaching Tamil, run by a team of volunteers.
ATS is affiliated to Greater Atlanta Tamil Sangam (GATS) and is following the syllabus by International Tamil Academy(ITA).
Our school’s goal is to

  • Enable children to speak fluently in Tamil
  • Help children to read and write well in Tamil
  • Ensure that our Tamil language and Tamil culture pass on to successive generations
  • Learn Tamil culture along with the language

Please stay tuned with this website to be up-to-date with the school news.

Latest News

ATS update – Certificate/Award distribution day schedule

Dear Parents,

We had a fantastic Field day last Sunday and everyone enjoyed the activities. We thank you all for your excellent support to make this event an enjoyable one. We sincerely appreciate all the parents who helped us in organizing/running the booths and clean up. Thank you.

Now, it is time to come together celebrate our ATS year end/ annual day. Please find the details.

Date: May 13 ,2018, Sunday

Where: Piney Grove gym

Time: 9.30AM – 12:30 PM

Chief Guest:
Ms. Pam Pajerski, Principal, Piney Grove Middle School

Dress Code: Men volunteers – Business Casual (No Shorts or jeans), Women Volunteers – preferably saree, Students – Khakis/ Festive attire

What to expect: 

  • All students will be awarded with a Trophy and an ITA certificate.
  • 100% attendance awards will be given to the students on stage by our Chief guest Ms. Pam Pajerski. You should have received the communication from the teachers if your child is earning this award.

What 100% awardees’ parents need to do: 

  • You should have received the communication from the teachers if your child is earning this award.
  • If your child is receiving 100% attendance award, please check in at the desk at the atrium with the attendance team to get a sticker.
  • We have designated seating area for them little bit different than previous years. To honor their hard work, all the 100% awardees would be sitting in chairs at the center.
  • 100% attendance awards will be given to the students on stage by our Chief guest Ms. Pam Pajerski.

What other Parents need to do:

  • Please arrive at regular school time in the morning and go to gym directly with your child.
  • Seating is open. You can sit anywhere in bleachers with your children and it is going to be your responsibility to take care of their safety and to keep them silent.
  • Please stay with your children until the end of the program.

Once the gym event is done, you all need to take your children to their respective class room to receive the trophy and certificate from the class teachers.  We have designed the gym event short and sweet so that you all can go to your class room after the gym program and spend memorable time with your children’s class teachers.

As you all know safety and security of the students are very important. Please provide your support and co-operation!!


Alpharetta Tamil School


ATS Field Day 2018

ATS Field Day 2018
Have a Blast at ATS Field Day!!

Trackless train, Rock wall climbing, Bounce castle, Slider, Face painting, Track events and much more!!!
Complimentary to ATS students!

Date: Sunday, May 6, 2018

Final Exam: 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Carnival/field events at Piney Grove ground: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

ATS will provide:

  • Complimentary pizza and ice cream for ATS students. Respective class Teachers will distribute the tokens on May 6.
  • Complimentary lemonade and cotton candy for the students.
  • Fun activities for ATS students including Trackless train, Rock wall climbing, Bounce castle, Slider, Face painting, Track events and much more. All these rides/activities are complementary to ATS students.

Buy lunch box tokens, additional ice cream and pizza tokens for siblings and parents:

For your convenience, we have arranged lunch box with biryani and chapathi, pizza or ice cream for purchase.

CASH ONLY!!!!!! LAST DATE is Sunday, April 29th for ordering these.

Veg Lunch box – Thalapakattu Veg Biryani, 1 chapathi , Panner butter masala, Raitha + water bottle – $7
Non-Veg Lunch box – Thalapakattu Chicken Biriyani, 1 chapathi, Chicken chettinad, Raitha + water bottle – $8
An additional slice of pizza OR ice cream is available for a dollar ($1) each!

Alpharetta Tamil School

ATS Update: Model Question Paper for the Final Exam

Dear Parents,

Please find the important note from ITA.

ITA’s curriculum team prepared enrichment practice worksheets for all the grades except prek-1 and prek-2. This is to help your students to prepare well for the final exam.

Please find the instruction to access the worksheets:

  1. Login to ITA website using your user id/pw.
  2. Go to Parent Access- > Child Resources Info.
  3. Select Syllabus in the drop down under ‘Other Information’ and
  4. Click the book icon under ‘Details’.

These worksheets can be used for enrichment and/or for practicing for the final exam.

Good Luck on the exam prep!!


Important parking and safety issues at ATS

Dear Parents,

Despite repeated requests and reminders, parking and safety are still big issues at our school. Please see the forwarded letter from our onsite Sheriffs, Forsyth County. There are more points added at the end specifically for parents walking their children.

I expect everyone to cooperate on this.

Sundari Kumar
Alpharetta Tamil School


Dear Parents,
Just a few things we need to remember as we are well into our new school year. As you know, the school grows every year with new students eager to learn. Additionally, there are more vehicles coming into the school and more parking issues to deal with.


I want to strongly remind you that you need to drive SLOW when entering and exiting the parking lots. There are many people walking across to enter and exit the school. The last thing we all want is for an emergency to occur. With that said, this email is the FIRST warning for speeding. If you are caught speeding in the parking lot after this, your tag number will be taken down and reported to the school admin. If you are caught a third time, there could be such penalties as you are not allowed to park and stay while school is in session.

Bus parking:

Only Volunteers (green pass) and Prek-1 (pink pass) are allowed to park at Bus parking on first come first served basis. The drop off lane can be used by every parent, but do not block the traffic in this lane.

Shiloh Point parking and PGMS cafeteria parking:

If you are just walking your child to school, you will be parking in Shiloh Point Elementary front parking lot or PGMS cafeteria parking.

Fire lane parking and street parking:

Fire lane parking is absolutely NO….NO… Also, there is no parking down the street entering the bus parking or up the hill. It is causing a dangerous situation for people entering and exiting the parking lot, as well as creating an emergency catastrophe for first responders should an emergency occur.

Drop off area in front of the school:

Drop off area in the front of the school, cafeteria side is only for drop off and do not park.

I hope you all have a great year and we can all work together to have a safe environment.


Det. Renee Mittenmeyer

DFC William Mouret

DS LeaAnna Devereaux

Few other safety things for parents walking their children to their classrooms:

If you are walking the child to the classroom, please stay with the child, do not look at your cell phone and walk further away from your child.

Use the crosswalk to cross the road and do not assume cars will stop if you cross anywhere else.

After dropping your child at the class, if you are leaving the parking lot, do not back up, please wait for few minutes and let the incoming cars go first.

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