High School Credit for Learning Tamil in Alpharetta Tamil School


Alpharetta Tamil School is an accredited school accredited with Georgia Accrediting Commission.  Studentsstudying Tamil at ATS can earn one full high schoolacademic credit in Forsyth county, Georgia.

High School Credit: Type and Benefits:

The awarded one full high school credit is an electivecredit, can be used towards the 3 units of CTAE/Modern Language/Latin/Fine Arts requirement or 4 units of Elective requirement for high school graduation.  In addition to this credit, students need to study another foreign language for two subsequent years to get themselves graduated from high school.

By earning one credit, the student can skip one year of world language study at high school.  An addition, having another language in transcript helps the student in their college admission as world language is considered as a rigor course.

Requirement to earn a High School Credit:

The student needs to study 4 years continuously from 4th grade to 7th grade in ATS. It is a must to have the final score from each year for 4 years.  No grade skipping is allowed.  The school issues a transcript in a sealed envelopewhen the student gets graduated after 7th grade with ALL four years marks.

How a student can earn a credit at a county high school:

The student should bring the transcript in the sealed envelope to their academic counselor at their high school in Forsyth County where they are enrolled.  The counselor would take marks of all 4 years and the average marks would be entered in their system and one full credit would be given for learning Tamil.

Affiliated to International Tamil Academy

Accredited by “The Georgia Accrediting Commission”

Approved test Center for “Seal of Biliteracy” Test in Tamil by Avant

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