Welcome to ATS – Alpharetta Tamil School.

ATS is a language teaching school to teach Tamil language and to promote Tamil culture. ATS is following International Tamil Academy(ITA) syllabus.

The school is accredited by “Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC)“.

Graduating students can earn one high school credit at any high school in Forsyth County.

To teach Tamil language and to promote Tamil culture.

To provide Tamil education in a very professional setting and in a positive environment. In addition to teaching Tamil language, our mission is to provide opportunities to learn and participate events related to the rich Tamil culture and arts.


  • Teaching Tamil language to children, youth, and adults in a school setting.
  • Making the students to read, write and converse in Tamil at the intermediate proficiency level.
  • Providing an opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of Tamil.
  • Creating a pathway to earn an academic language credit for learning Tamil.
  • Enable children to speak fluently in Tamil.
  • Help children to read and write well in Tamil.
  • Ensure that our Tamil language and Tamil culture pass on to successive generations.
  • Learn Tamil culture along with the language.

Please stay tuned with this website to be up-to-date with the school news.

Latest News

Information Session on “High School Credit and Seal of Biliteracy”

Dear Teachers, Associate Teachers, and all Volunteers,

We will be having an information session on High school credit and Seal of Biliteracy this Sunday. Since you all missed the parents’ session that we had it a couple of months back, we have arranged this special session for teachers and volunteers. We request all the teachers and volunteers to attend this session so that you can guide your own children and also help your class students.

Please find the meeting details below.

Where: Room Number 1212 (located in Gym Hallway)

Date: Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Time: 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

What to expect: Information session on High school credit and how to take the seal of biliteracy test in Georgia.

Please be on time so that we can finish the session ASAP.


Great Pongal Celebrations, Thank you!

Dear Parents,

We had an outstanding Pongal celebration last Sunday!! It was a fantastic show!!

We thank each and every one of our ATS volunteers, cultural coordinators, choreographers, coordinators, parents and participants for their outstanding support. Special thanks to the parents for coming and getting seated on time for the whole program. It was a full house with 1000+ audience. More than 280+ participants worked so hard and gave a visual treat for our eyes. We could not have done it without you!! Thank you all!

Our regular class session starts tomorrow. Since we missed the class last Sunday due to Pongal celebration, several class teachers are extending their class time 15 mins to 30 mins for the next few weeks. ATS is so proud to have such a great group of dedicated and committed teachers and associate teachers! We request you to provide your complete support and closely follow their instructions.

  • January 19 – Class 18
  • January 26 – Class 19
  • Feb 2 – Class 20 Test 5 (Portions from class 12 through 19)

With that, the second term ends. Term II report due.


Parking guidelines, Pre-K 1 and Pre K-2 passes

Dear Parents,

Just a few things we need to remember as we enter into another academic year. As you know, the school grows every year with new students eager to learn. Additionally, there are more vehicles coming into the school and we have more parking issues to deal with. We tried our best to answer your questions here. So, please take few minutes and read the parking instructions.

Parking Lots:

ATS has 3 different parking lots for parents to park, PGMS Bus Parking, PGMS Cafeteria parking and Shiloh point parking.

PGMS Bus Parking: Prek1, Prek-2 and Volunteers (with pass) are allowed to park at Bus parking on first come first served basis. Please keep your parking pass in the dashboard or hang it on the rear view mirror so that you can park at PGMS bus parking.The drop off lane can be used by every parent, but do not block the traffic in this lane.

Shiloh Point Elementary parking and PGMS cafeteria parking: If you are just walking your child to school, you will be parking in Shiloh Point Elementary front parking lot or PGMS cafeteria parking. We highly recommend to use Shiloh point parking as there are plenty of parking lots available to park. It is only few minutes walk away.

Speeding: We want to strongly remind you that you need to drive SLOW when entering and exiting the parking lots. There are many people walking across to enter and exit the school. We would like to have a safe environment for all of us and our kids.

Fire lane parking and street parking: Fire lane parking is absolutely NO….NO… Also, there is no parking down the street entering the bus parking or up the hill. It is causing a dangerous situation for people entering and exiting the parking lot, as well as creating an emergency catastrophe for first responders should an emergency occur.

Drop off area in front of the school: Drop off area in the front of the school, cafeteria side is only for drop off and do not park.

Few other safety things for parents walking their children to their class rooms:

  • If you are walking the child to the class room, please stay with the child, do not look at your cell phone and walk further away from your child.
  • Use the cross walk to cross the road and do not assume cars will stop if you cross anywhere else.
  • After dropping your child at the class, if you are leaving the parking lot, do not back up, please wait for few minutes and let the incoming cars go first.

We all need to work together to have a safe environment at our school.


Alpharetta Tamil School

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