Piney Grove Middle School,
8135 Majors Road,
Cumming, GA 30041


Dear Parents,
At our Tamil School, the safety and security of our students, staff, parents and volunteers are our highest priority.  As our school is growing, we face many challenges including parking. We understand the difficulties in parking and how inconvenient it is for all the parents, teachers, students and volunteers.   Therefore, we reviewed the parking arrangements with Piney Grove administration and with the Law Enforcement Officer on site and made some new arrangements.
From next week onwards, in addition to the existing bus parking lot, the main entrance parking in front of our school (near to cafeteria) will be available for us to park.  Also, the main door a will be opened for you to walk in. We encourage parents of our higher grade students whose class rooms are down at the first floor to use that main entrance parking lot.  Please keep the entrance and walk way clean and leave the things untouched.   Please note that there are few tight turns in that parking lot and be alert on the traffic and pedestrians.  Officers and our volunteer team would be directing and assisting you.
Like last week, there will be volunteers to guide you into our regular parking lot. Please follow their directions and we expect your full cooperation in this.  In addition, we encourage you to talk to your friends and neighbors on carpool which would be a great help for the school and families. We hope having an additional parking at the front side, regulated parking at the current parking lot and less number of cars will ease the traffic for sure.
Thank you.
How we have been parking so far:
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Proposed Parking:
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