ATS Update – Final Exam this Sunday

on May 1st, 2020 | Filed under Message from Principal, School News

Dear Parents,

This Sunday (May 3rd, 2020) will be the last class of this academic year and  we have the final exam on this day.  Please help your children to prepare for the exam.
We hope the exam review helps your children to get proficient to their respective grade level.

As we have informed you earlier, CTA Curriculum Team has created enrichment practice worksheets for all the classes.
Go to: Parent Access-  >  Child Resources Info –>  Select Syllabus in the drop down   under ‘Other Information’ ==> Click the book icon under ‘Details’.  
Please make use of it.

Please check with your child’s class teacher for any questions regarding the model question paper/exam day schedule. Kindly make sure to login around 9:25 a.m. this Sunday so that your children will have enough time to get ready for the exam.

Thank you all,

Sundari Kumar
Alpharetta Tamil School 

Please Contact Us for any questions.